The book meme made me do it

I know I said I wasn't going to buy more books, but then a work meeting brought me into the vicinity of Borders today. I picked out three of the four books on my shopping list, then realised that with the volume I was buying, I would be better off taking a short walk to Kinokuniya instead, where I get a 10% discount.

The final haul:
  • The long-awaited Midnight's Children, by Salman Rushdie
  • The Nasty Bits, by Anthony Bourdain
  • A Cook's Tour, by Anthony Bourdain --- because I've read Kitchen Confidential and this is the only one of his food-related books left.
  • New Hart's Rules, by R.M. Ritter--- for work, obviously.
I was tempted to get Neil Humphreys' Final Notes from a Great Island, but decided that I'm not exactly in the mood for a "funny" book about Singapore just now.

First up on the reading list: The Nasty Bits, because I'm more in that sort of mood.


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At 8/23/2006 10:03 am , Blogger suzie said...

i would as well, simply because anthony bourdain is an intelligent sexy older man who smokes and has adventurous appetites. my ideal man, in fact. rare breed in singapore.


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