From stereo to mono

So I was using my earphones two days ago, to listen to music on my iBook, when suddenly they decided that they would output music only from the earphone for the right ear and the one for the left ear would, you know, just hang out in my ear and not actually emit any sound.

Weird. Is this a normal occurrence in the life cycle of earphones? I've been using them pretty steadily since Xmas, which is not an extraordinarily long time, even in this age when so many electronic items are designed to have short lifespans.


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At 7/13/2006 1:30 am , Blogger Mandrake said...

Probably the wire has broke. This usually comes from improper storage of earphone cables, or twisting of wires.

At 7/13/2006 3:46 am , Blogger Mr Sanguine said...

Likely a earphone failure but won't hurt to check your system.

System Preferences -> Sound -> Balance

Check that the Balance setting isn't all the way to the Right.


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