I don't type good

While I type fast (110-120 wpm as at September 2005, according to Typer Shark), I sure as hell don't claim to type accurately. Here's some typos I've had to teach Microsoft Word to autocorrect:
  • abnout, abonut, abotu, actualyl, againstt he, agian, ahppen, ahve, almsot, alterantive, althoguh, alwasy, amde, amke, antoher, approrpiate, askt he, aws
  • baout, bcause, beacuse, becasue, befoer, beofre, bve, byt he
  • certian, Chiantown, commnunist, commuity, compelx, coudl,, cpoy
  • deatils, develope, dispaly, doign, donig
  • efel, ehr, enw, erally, esle, especialyl, evn, ewre, exchagne, eyt
  • finalyl, fora, foriegn, foudn, frmo, fromt he
  • goign, grwo
  • haev, herat, hismelf, hlep, hteir, htey, htink, hvae
  • idae, ihs, importnat, indenpendence, indepdendence, int hat, int he, inteh, itneresting, iwth
  • jsut
  • konwn
  • leran, liek, loev, lookign
  • maek. marraige, matierals, menat, minsiter, minsitry, mkae, mnuch
  • nad, nbut, nkow, nothign, nver, nwe, nwo
  • oculd, oft, oft he, oging, ohter, omre, ont he, onyl, opf, otehr, owrk, owuld, oyu
  • palce, parenst, parlimanet, perhasp, preisdent, proabbly, propser
  • questoin
  • realyl, recrod, reisdent, religous, respomd, reult, rfom, rpely, rwite
  • saidt he, shoudl, Singaproe. Singpaore, sitll, smae, smoe, sohw, soical, somethign, somewaht. sot hat, soudn, specificalyl, stnad, strentgh, suprise
  • tahn, taht, talkign, tath, teh, tehre, tehy, tgat, tgheir, tghis, thansk, thatt he, them ost, theri, thge, thigsn, thna, thne, thnig, thsi, thsoe, tihs, timne, tkae, tlaking, togehter, tongiht, tot he, towrad
  • udnerstand, understnad, undert he, univeristy, unliek, usch
  • waht, whihc, whta, wiht, witht he, wlel, wnat, wrod, wtih
  • yera, yuo
(For the record, it took about half an hour to manually transfer the above list from Word and format it for Blogger.)

Obviously, without the autocorrect function, I'd spend most of my time backspacing rather than typing ...


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At 7/13/2006 12:39 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I always type 'particulalry'. It's on autocorrect on my work pc.

At 7/17/2006 5:57 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

you also have too much time.

At 12/03/2010 10:27 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 12/03/2010 10:39 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do VerbatimIT production transcription typing and when I hear the word particularly, I type


There's tons of tips and shortcuts to use.


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