Names we call our cat

Technically, his name is Ink, for his slender black tail and the three four (yes, I cannot count) black spots on his otherwise perfectly white body.

Ink in shadow

But we also call him:
  • INK!!!
  • Iiiiiiink-ky
  • Inky-dinky-pooh
  • Inky-du (a bastardisation of Enkidu, I suppose)
  • Ankle-biter
  • Crouching tiger, hidden ferret
  • The-cat-who-spent-his-whole-life-in-the-toilet (that's Terz's favourite threat, not that Ink gets it, we know)
No swear words, though.


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At 6/10/2006 12:28 pm , Blogger Little Miss Drinkalot said...

Heh. I used to call Terror "Crouching Tiger" too, cuz he liked to crouch and he had tiger stripes.

At 6/12/2006 12:51 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey there, a friend of mine mentioned that you like cats
i have a friend who's going back to mauritius and he can't take the cat (Kisha) with him because she's pregnant and airlines don't allow pregnant cats or something
so she's "1yr old pregnant cat, she's grey w stripes,adorable&affectionate,toilet trained to perfection"

if you're interested or know anyone who might be, please sms me 98005642 (:
he really doesn't wanna give Kisha to SPCA cos he read that they might put her to sleep


At 6/13/2006 12:47 am , Blogger Tym said...

Sorrry, Jainita --- we're still getting used to Ink and I don't think we can take on more cats just now. Maybe your friend can see if the Cat Welfare Society can help?


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