Free wireless hotspots in Singapore

I have yet to find a definitive online list of free wireless hotspots in Singapore --- other than this helpful, if now extremely long, thread over at SPUG Forums --- so I thought I would start my own list. It's mostly for my own reference, since I'm frequently out of the office and in need of a place where I can check my email without having to pay for it.

Places where I've successfully connected to a free wifi network
1. National Library
2. Funan Centre (caveat: it worked in March, but not in April)
3. Brewerkz, Riverside Point
4. Mamma Lucia's, Robertson Walk
5. Book Cafe, Mohamed Sultan Road
6. NYDC, Holland Village (I haven't checked the downtown NYDC locations to see if they have free wireless)

Places I haven't tried, but I hear they have free wifi
1. McDonald's outlets
2. Changi Airport
3. Day Bed Bar, Mohamed Sultan

Any other suggestions? Please leave a comment. The only criterion is that the network must be a free one.


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At 6/03/2006 3:01 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Up till this moment, McD hotspots are notorious for supporting only Centrino notebooks.

If the chipset of your wifi card in your notebook does not conform with the specs of the ones that are installed in Intel Centrinos - it won't connect!

So woe to those with Macs or AMDs with Broadcomm wifi cards.

Apparently, these latter devices are simply not catered for in the (ancient) 802.11b world of routers installed @ McD. And don't bother asking the crew or managers - they can't do anything about it even if they are aware coz the system is installed & maintained by 3rd parties.

So what if yours can't connect?
Solution: shell out some biscuits to get yourself a PCMCIA 802.11b ONLY wifi card - not so easy to find now 'cos it's considered dinosaur tech - but needed at the moment if you plan use McD's hotspot a lot - after all, there > 100 restaurants all over the island.

accept_no_bullshit...the emperor has no clothes!

At 6/03/2006 5:32 am , Blogger ampulets said...

i have tried town's NYDC at wheelock before. It worked fine. :)-TOHA. But i have major problem at funan.

At 6/03/2006 8:35 am , Blogger Mr Sanguine said...

There's a Wiki FAQ on hotspots over at the macusersg forums. Mac friendly of course. Not all are free but that's noted in the details.

At 6/03/2006 8:43 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Indochine restaurants (all, I think) have free public hotspots.

NYDC Heeren works too.

Personally, I think Starhub's Wifi service is very good value for money; if you are an existing cable internet user, wifi is only $10 a month. In addition to all the Coffee Bean outlets, you also get wifi at both the airport and the whole of Suntec City.

At 6/04/2006 11:47 pm , Blogger aberwyn said...

Macs can't connect to McDonald's wifi.

And the shopping complex area of Raffles City is free too.

At 8/19/2006 3:02 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can also try Miss Clarity Cafe at Purvis Street. It's got really affordable and great food, so its a place to surf and eat at the same time. :)

Mac-compatible for sure. I'm a mac user as well.

At 10/07/2006 2:54 am , Blogger Tym said...

It seems that The Cathay has free wifi, too.

At 11/09/2009 5:36 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

pacific coffe company at vivo shopping ctr...has free hotspot and also terminals to surf on as customer

At 11/09/2009 5:45 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

pacific coffe company at vivo shopping ctr...has free hotspot and also terminals to surf on as customer


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