Some days, I start out thinking I'm not going to see anybody I know.

Then there's lunch with Ondine at the unbeatable Bunalun.

I didn't know blinis looks liked this

And an hour in the afternoon snuck away with the best friend and her bouncing baby boy (thought he wasn't actually in the Bumbo today).

Taken by _tris_.

And a pseudo-dinner with an old friend and new ones at Wine Company.

It looked better in real life

Nosso bad for a day when I thought I would be flying solo most of the day.


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At 5/25/2006 3:51 pm , Blogger Ondine said...

I hear the Bumbo is like the most expensive child seat in the world. It's made of simple material but costs like a hundred bucks. They really know how to rip off new parents!


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