I am a Murakami woman

So saith Cowboy Caleb:
Cowboy Caleb: Terz is the like a char in a Murakami novel
Cowboy Caleb: come to think of it, both of you are.
ME: How so?
Cowboy Caleb: he does his own thing
Cowboy Caleb: like the dude in Norwegian Wood
ME: and me?
Cowboy Caleb: all murakami female chars are very individualistic, talented at something and are skinny.
Cowboy Caleb: all his men are tragedies walking around waiting for stuff to happen.
Right, then.


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At 5/15/2006 6:29 am , Blogger NARDAC said...

A reliable blog tactic, dissing the husband while self-promoting, done to perfection. Of course tossing in the Murakami reference validates it. Do I sound biting? Hope not. Just jealous I didn't come up with it first, but then again, I'm not attached to a Murakami man.

At 5/15/2006 12:26 pm , Blogger ampulets said...

murakami women all have "attractive" ears and either have entered/access to some dark psychic subterranean world or stand innocently outside it, offering the murakami man a hand to get back to reality with their humour and straight talking. Well, so far one murakami heroine is lesbian, and the other transexual...the rest have a tendancy for "out-of-body/psychic" sex (that sometimes leads to something physical later) with the murakami man.

it follows that the murakami man is strangely irresistable to the women who know him (teenage, OL, retiree), despite being your regular joe. ;> lucky murakami writes fantasy!

At 5/15/2006 9:02 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Murakami marriages aren't good things in my opinion. They never last/are happy. The man and wife always have something else on their minds.


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