I've always been a bookish sort

Up, up and away

I like working in the Lee Kong Chian Reference Library at the National Library. It's got all the books I need to refer to for work in one place. It's got floor-to-ceiling windows that stretch three glorious storeys up. This means that whenever I need a break from the old tomes I'm poring over, I can glance around and see what the rest of the city is up to that day or check out the thunderstorm moving in from Bukit Timah.

Best of all, the Reference Library's not flooded with idiots using their cellphones (even though there are occasional offenders).

To sum up, this is the kind of place where people leave their iBooks completely unattended (and unsecured) for at least half an hour at a stretch.

All by itself

That is not my iBook. I don't have the money it would cost nor do I desire the stress it would cause to have to replace my iBook, so I tote mine around with me, even if I'm just off to the stacks for less than two minutes to snatch up a book. Other people, clearly, don't share my paranoia prudence.


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At 5/21/2006 1:27 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

yep, no way I'd leave my laptop lying there unsecured. sense of security can mislead.

At 2/03/2008 2:34 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's not exactly the safest place to leave one's laptop unattended.

I love that library though and came across your blog as I was searching for a picture of its table.


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