Must be Monday

It's not everyday that I message the boss with the following:
Sorry, I will be late! My shoe broke, getting a replacement now.
I don't ordinarily pull off the Bohemian look, either, but desperate times call for desperate measures. If you saw a woman wandering barefoot in the basement levels of Plaza Singapura around 3 pm today, that was me. My sandal snapped irrevocably as I was entering the adjacent MRT station, so I had to hightail it over to the nearest shoe shops at the mall. It didn't help that I was supposed to be back at the office for a 3 pm meeting.

I like shoes, I like shoe shopping, but I don't like shopping for shoes under stress. For one thing, it automatically means that they won't have any shoes that I find attractive. They didn't today, in either X:odus or Charles & Keith. On the bright side, both stores were having post-Chinese New Year sales --- you know, the ones that come right after the post-Xmas and Chinese New Year sales --- so I didn't have to pay too much for the least offensive and least uncomfortable pair of shoes that I finally settled for.

I was highly apologetic at my lateness upon finally getting back to the office at 3:30 pm --- but as it turned out, due to other more compelling deadlines and appointments, we didn't have our meeting till 6 pm anyway.

The best word I found in the (online) dictionary today: abecedarian n. 1. One who teaches or studies the alphabet. 2. One who is just learning; a beginner. adj. 1. Having to do with the alphabet. 2. Being arranged alphabetically. 3. Elementary or rudimentary.


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At 2/14/2006 12:12 am , Blogger domestic rat said...

Funny. My ex-boss would have fainted.

At 2/14/2006 3:21 am , Blogger sarah said...

oh my gosh! did i tell you about the time my slipper came off my foot and fell into the crack between the train and the platform?!?!

At 2/15/2006 1:21 am , Blogger Tym said...

domestic rat > Surely that's overreacting a little. These things happen!

sarah > Uh. No. Do tell :)


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