Me and my Web 2.0

Because reading a Blogger profile isn't enough to tell you about a person.

Check out SuprGlu, which allows you to create a personal page with feeds from all the usual Web 2.0 suspects (Blogger, Flickr, del.icio.us and so on). It's a neat way to see a snapshot of a person's online presence in one place, --- but of course this assumes you have an interest in that person in the first place. My SuprGlu page, for instance, doesn't tell you anything about me that you wouldn't already know if you were already regularly reading this blog and skimming my Flickr account.

On the other hand, it's a handy cheatsheet for people who, say, come across this blog for the first time and want to find out a little more me before they commit to bookmarking this page or something. And it's always current, always updated (assuming one keeps using those various web services) --- as opposed to a static profile text entry, which tends to languish for years at a time.

(Thanks, domch!)


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