The maternity thing

For the first time since the wedding, my best friend and I got to hang out today. We are not neglectful of each other; we're just busy people. She's busy going-to-have-a-baby, and I'm busy, er ... actually, half the time I don't know what the fuck I'm busy with, but I'm just busy.

Anyway, we hung out today and did self-indulgent things, like marvel at her new apartment, fawn over hand-me-down baby clothes, dawdle over lunch at 2 pm, shop at Ikea and test-drive Chinese names for the baby. All this, while she's fiercely pregnant.

Akan datang

It's an impressive bump!

Our discussion of Chinese names in particular proved that despite our remarkable examination grades in that language, we are not actually very good at practicalities like figuring out a baby's name without the aid of the internet or repeated telephone consultations with erstwhile Chinese language scholars like Terz.

Today was also the first time ever that I drove a vehicle with a pregnant woman as my passenger. It was very nerve-wracking.




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