Ain't nothin' like it

Nothing like spending almost a week away from home to make me decide it's time to clean house.

Nothing like cleaning house to help me excavate two missing CDs and also realise that if a heap of paper hasn't been touched in three months, it probably contains nothing of long-term significance.

Nothing like more music for my iPod.

Nothing like three bags of trash down the rubbish chute and a newly clear living room table and desk. I've also been authorised by ampulets to throw out some literature files of hers that've been with me since 2000.

More cleaning to ensue tomorrow. Tonight, it's Chestnuts and then another little farewell party for someone who's put off National Service for as long as he could, doesn't have money for the $5,000 AWOL fine and really, really has to enlist next week.



At 12/03/2005 2:05 am , Blogger Little Miss Drinkalot said...

Actually, if a stack of papers hasn't been touched in three months, I'd say it has nothing of short term significance, but possibly long term significance. Which I only realise a few more months down the road, after throwing away the papers.

At 12/04/2005 2:39 am , Blogger Tym said...

I've been lucky so far *fingers crossed* If I panic the next time I have to file taxes, well, you know what happened.


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