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If you haven't heard already, there is a one-time screening of Joss Whedon's Serenity in Singapore. Get your tickets before they're all sold out --- but only if this post makes sense to you.

In other news, I'm coming late to the party but I'll Live A Day For You, made by my fine friends Randy Ang and Nicholas Chee and their pal Christina Choo, came up tiptop at the Fly-By-Night Video Challenge. If I've got the music playing on an eternal loop in my head, I don't see why you shouldn't too.

More real blogging, um, later.


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At 11/17/2005 6:55 am , Blogger Andrew said...

I'm surprised it isn't showing more than once in singapore ... serenity did mightily well on the big screen in australia, people who hadn't even heard of firefly were watching it. *miffed* i went to the cinema a weekday afternoon 3 bleeping weeks after it opened, and tickets were sold out...!!!

At 11/17/2005 6:38 pm , Blogger Tan Kok Seng said...

Well at least we have better access these days than in the past. I missed Mee Pok Man at the film festival ten years ago and only saw it at some Singapore retrospective in Paris many years later.

(Also good that it's out on DVD in Singapore now.)

Baby steps...

At 11/17/2005 6:43 pm , Blogger tscd said...

What?! Why are they showing it only once? It's excellent. We liked it so much that we decided to buy the 'Firefly' series on DVD.

At 11/18/2005 2:31 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

argh! only one screening! sold out!

that's it, i need to get firefly on dvd.

At 11/18/2005 10:58 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello miss bala!

i just wanted to say that you've been a great teacher and to tell you the truth, until this year, i hadn't enjoyed myself much in GP nor lit. your GP lessons were more engaging and thought-provoking, and definitely alot different from the kind of lessons i sat through in year one. the lit pieces in PC seemed more challenging as well and i had more fun talking about them.

haha actually when some people in our class heard about you resigning, they just went, "what a waste!" lol so i guess you know how much you'd be missed! :)

never thought you'd resign anyways, because unlike most teachers, you actually seemed like you liked teaching. but anyways, all the best in your future endeavours! i'm sure you'd do great no matter what you take up next.

At 11/18/2005 12:30 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah what she said ^. Of course, I'm not saying that our previous teachers weren't of any good, but it was you who made those lessons seem different somehow.. I remember always dozing off in year1! (Though I still do space off quite a bit..) But really, you are definitely one of the better teachers (who actually know what they are talking about) that I've encountered throughout my whole long life (12 years!). And taboo etc etc etc was really fun (: And really sorry that you had to go through all that awkward usjuststaringatyou thing, but believe me when I say "It's not you, it's us". Really. In fact, it wasn't until you came when our class starting participating in gp and pc! (Seriously)

Actually, I never really thought teaching suited you as a Long Run thing.. Not that you weren't good as a teacher (quite the opposite!), but rather, you were _too_ good. I don't quite know how to say this without sounding weird but yeah, you seemed like the sort who's destined for bigger things. Uhh not that nurturing the leaders of tomorrow isn't noble of course.. But I guess you know what I mean.

'Forward, without forgetting
Till the concrete question is hurled
When starving or when eating:
Whose tomorrow is tomorrow?
And whose world is the world?'
-- Brecht

Here's to tomorrow, and the world! Thank you for everything (the encouragement and the artlove) and an eternity of good mornings to you! (:

At 11/20/2005 9:41 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

HOW COULD THOSE MORONS! I swear. I mean, I was meaning to catching it more than once. I'm pretty sure Serenity is lots better than half of the shows coming to Singapore screens in december. Perhaps I'll have to be content til lthe DVD comes out.

Anyway, if you can, try to get your hands on Veronica Mars ( a really great TV series) DVDs. I'm sure they don't sell them here or anything, but you could try buying them off Amazon? Charisma Carpenter and Alyson Hannigan are starring in it! They joined the cast in the 2nd season of the show, if I'm not mistaken.

At 11/21/2005 9:43 pm , Blogger Tym said...

a l/Mr Moron > Apparently, in a linguistic sleight of hand, the webpage selling Serenity tickets was "closed" but the show was hardly sold out! There were not even 100 people in Prince 2 for the screening last night and they were still selling tickets at the door. Sorry you missed it!

Everybody faster go and buy the DVD. It's released in the US on December 22.

a53-er/tq > Thank you for your lovely comments. tq, the 'A' Levels are almost over --- have you started making your T-shirts yet?


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