I need more single female friends

I am trying to get people together for Mambo at Zouk tonight.

So far, the gender ratio (of single people) stands at something like 10 guys, 5 girls.

Clearly, I need more single female friends.


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At 11/02/2005 4:13 am , Blogger stellou said...

What?? What IS this??? I just want to say, for the record, the number of single boys you have introduced me to in Singapore is JILO. CHEH!!!

At 11/02/2005 10:47 am , Blogger cole. said...

hey, i need more single female friends too! hurhurhur.

At 11/02/2005 12:25 pm , Blogger Marla S said...

I just need.. er.. more single friends.

must be nice too.

must be rich too.

must be cute too.

must be sweet too.

must be....

At 11/04/2005 11:15 pm , Blogger Tan Kok Seng said...

I have the opposite problem. Too many single women friends all asking to be hooked up with guys I know. Even after I tell them that the guys aren't good enough for them...

At 11/05/2005 12:10 am , Blogger Tym said...

stellou > Okok, next time I line them up one by one together with our eating list and introduce ALL to you!

YounG > We never made it into Zouk in the end. The lines were insane :P Hope you guys had fun.

tinkertailor > Next time come with us lah! :)

Scarlett > With standards like that, I'm not sure how many you can find on our tiny little island...

胡 剑 秋 > ???

TKS > I don't do any overt hooking up. My friends are old enough to know what to do, if they want to ;)

At 11/07/2005 12:13 pm , Blogger stellou said...

eeeyur, are you trying to make me choose between food and boys??? how?? HOW???

At 11/09/2005 12:01 pm , Blogger Tym said...

No, no --- we combine food and boys. Next time!!

At 11/11/2005 3:54 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Zouk bloody terrifies me. We went last Chinese New Year and the people dancing on the platform made me despair for the gee-na of today.


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