The winning pot

I've been on some absolutely fabulous shopping expeditions in my time --- most recently, a Mango sale mini-spree that eventually led me to Project Shop Blood Brothers, where I acquired the perfect dress for next month's beach wedding in Bali.


Until yesterday, I had not ever been on a shopping trip that included purchasing a cast-iron cooking pot for $356 (original price: $455)(I was not the purchaser of this pot). What is more, I have never paid $6 for a $356 pot, thanks to wads and wads of shopping vouchers. It was a moment to behold from the sidelines of the cash register.

The pot, by the way, is not only an excellent cooking pot, but also shows great potential for clobbering unwanted party gatecrashers on the head or, if the spirit moves you, dropping into a sink to see how far the cracks in the kitchen counter will run. Clearly, it is a win.


At 7/24/2005 12:12 pm , Blogger stellou said...

eh! i am not shy to say that *i* am the proud owner of said $455 pot. ohhhh it is so beauteous. in my defence, because i feel like i need to defend myself--

well, i suppose i could just use the lid of the pot for defence, it is quite strong enough--

eh, no, but, in my defence, there were all those bloody vouchers sitting around otherwise unused, and also COME TO LONDON LAH, and i will cook for you.

also, was it also a moment to behold, all those moments i had to then walk down orchard road embracing the pot in both arms because it was too damn heavy to carry with one hand? penance, penance.

At 7/24/2005 10:45 pm , Blogger Tym said...

You are truly not shy.

PS: Don't forget to think about how much it will weigh as you tote it from the airport back to your flat in London. And who knows how many more times you will move around the world, eh?


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