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Assuming you don't know me in real life, does this blog "sound" male or female to you, and why?




At 7/21/2005 11:13 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

it sounds normal....cant say in btwn, cos that would mean agua

At 7/21/2005 11:33 pm , Blogger louist said...

i'd started thinking it was male, but recently i've decided it's more female. haha.

At 7/21/2005 11:49 pm , Blogger Cowboy Caleb said...

You sound very gay.

Female lah.

At 7/22/2005 2:40 am , Blogger Paperman said...

Warraoz, lagi wagi female wussy lah. No. 1 - all that pink. No. 2 - the references to husband, girl talk in them archives. No. 3 - How many GP teachers are male?

Yes mdm. Its tt obvious.

P.S.: Pls excuse my english. I'm more proficient at Singlish. My bad. Guess my teacher didn't teach me too well huh?

At 7/22/2005 3:16 am , Blogger mis_nomer said...

Female. Because you are eloquent ("seize the pre-dinner window for a quick run" is definitely a female and very eloquent way of putting it), because you write about chocolate and durian, and because you use the term "the husband".

Very interesting question actually. Read my blog and tell me whether I sound more male or female?

At 7/22/2005 4:36 am , Blogger tscd said...

You sound female to me. I think it's the way you seem to pick up on the details.

At 7/22/2005 5:45 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

only females ask questions like that

At 7/22/2005 8:23 am , Blogger louist said...

gender genie (http://www.bookblog.net/gender/genie.html) thinks your latest post ('random') was female.

At 7/22/2005 10:26 am , Blogger Tym said...

Thanks for all the views and ops. Very insightful.

I asked because what with the recent blogger con and other random meetups, more people than I expected have seemed startled that Tym is, in fact, not male --- which surprised me greatly because, yeah, the husband gets mentioned a lot, and I've always thought this blog is chock-full of other girly hints as well.

I guess you never can tell what people are thinking.

At 7/23/2005 11:47 pm , Blogger ragingyoghurt said...

hem. stellou and i just did a gender genie comparison, and it said she was male and i was female. i just figured it was because she writes better, but when i said that out loud, her eyes got all big and starey and she said i should write and let you know.


hello, this is stellou.

eeyur, see lah! two sisters on a lazy sunday afternoon on the same computer.


she just made me read her comment to check it, and i said, AIYAH, i would have written it like this:

cc and i just did the gender genie comparison on our blogs!, and it said i was male and she was female. so i said, "ehhh, so funny leh. why ah?" and she said, "is it because you write better?"


so i said, Can you quickly write tym a comment?, quickly quickly donch waste time?

like that lor.

gender genie THAT!


[bowb regains the reins]

aaaaaahhh. that's funny! you see you see? you do write better.


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