An entry in the style of Mr Miyagi

Today what? In Today? Nabeh! Miyagi got quote so long, neber pay copyright fees? What da heow? He think I not listening when the lawyer talking, issit? I know my rights uh! Just because my blog on ingterneck mean can anyhow steal ah? You wait! I whack Miyagi upside down, den he know.

(We now return you to your regular programming.)

(I know, I don't sound very threatening at all. First of all, I certainly cannot claim limpeh status. Secondly, I have the Weakest Arms in the World (TM) so the likelihood of me whacking him upside down is about as high as that of a second blogger con being covered favourably by the mainstream media. I mean, have you seen the guy's arm?)


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At 7/21/2005 2:00 pm , Blogger Paperman said...

Muahahaha. Good try good try, mdm.


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