I was going to write a proper blog entry, but tonight's kickfit class really whupped my ass, so now that my hair's dry, I'm going to bed. Content yourself with the following for now:

In the grand tradition of random LotR links, I present to you LotR: TTT - in leet (link via Cowboy Caleb).


At 3/08/2005 7:17 am , Blogger TaLieSin said...

Mmm... just thinking

Voice of Sauron, in Frodo's mind at Mount Doom: All your base are belong to us... all your base are belong to us.

Gollum: ROXXOR!
Gollum [Frodo with Teeth]
Sam: OMG he got pwned!!

Sauron: wtf somebody set us up da bomb!!!

Random ideas to complete the thingy - Actually I don't really MUD/MMORPG so somebody could well improve on them.


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