Observations from a cubicle (not the work kind)

At work
What I want is toilet paper that tears neatly along the perforated edge, instead of what we have, which frays every which way when you try to pull a few squares off. As if things weren't messy enough.

At Wheelock Place
The toilet roll covers are made of such shiny aluminium (do they polish them or what?) that when you turn to tear some, you get a crisp vision of your upper body sitting on a toilet bowl. Talk about a side (sight?) of yourself you hadn't seen before.

At Wine Bar
Apparently, there was a guy passed out in the guys' toilet at 10 pm last night. The girls' toilet was much more civilised --- though the line went from nothing at 10 pm, nothing at midnight, to an outrageous 7-strong after 2 am. I guess that's when everybody's bladders hit their limit.


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