Oh, alright ---

--- So maybe I am a bit of a freak, because I ran 6 km in 35 minutes tonight, thus exceeding my target by 1 km.

After a good run like that, there's no better way to warm down than to have a brown cat from the neighbourhood nose around as I did my stretches. I stooped, then sat on the ground to scritch it for a good few minutes; in return, it nosed my hand, slinked around my butt (I'd like to think it was the fabric of my shorts, rather than my butt per se, that it was interested in) and eventually nipped at my hand. That's when I swatted it on the head and bid it goodnight.

Our neighbourhood cats aren't usually cosy with people, so I'm not sure if this one's a new arrival. Alternatively, it could be the grown-up version of the kitten on the right below:

Originally uploaded by Tym.

I suspect the only reason I made it to 6 km tonight was that I was artificially buoyed by the zest of wearing a newly purchased shirt. Ah well. Whatever works.

Besides the new shirts, I also bought today some DVDs from HMV. They failed to remove the security tags, so when I exited the store, it triggered the alarm. And again in Levi's, Royal Sporting House and Borders. I will have you know that at no point in any store was I accosted or ordered to cease and desist. A salesgirl at Royal Sporting House eyed me curiously when the alarm went off, but I'd only nipped into the store for less than a minute so it was pretty obvious I couldn't've nicked anything in that time. The rest of the time, I just coolly kept walking and ignored the honking alarm. That seemed to work pretty well as a no-fuss strategy --- which makes me wonder, why the hell do they bother with alarms anyway?


At 1/25/2005 7:43 am , Blogger Little Miss Drinkalot said...


I went swimming on Sunday, after a hiatus of a few years. Woe are my wobbly legs.

At 1/25/2005 9:44 am , Blogger Tym said...

The last time I tried swimming in June, I completed only an abysmal couple of laps (and this was not an Olympic-sized pool) before I resorted to mere sunbathing. No stamina lah...


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