While other people woke up to discover that they suddenly had 50 Gmail invitations to give away, I checked both my Gmail accounts to find that I had gone overnight from 4 to none. Wtf?


At 2/06/2005 8:55 pm , Blogger cour marly said...

You might want to check again. They revamped the invite link and it now sits below your labels box. I just realised I have 50 invites too!!

At 2/06/2005 10:01 pm , Blogger Tym said...

Thanks to cour marly's tip, I found my invites again. But I only have 5!

Clearly, the Powers That Be at Gmail suspect that you two are way more popular or have more influential friends than me...

At 2/07/2005 8:09 pm , Blogger Agagooga said...

There is always balance in the universe.


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