The pre-new job jitters aren't supposed to kick in till the night before the school term actually starts, but they came early this time around. I suppose tomorrow's (today's, really) big staff meeting at the new workplace has something to do with it. I moved some of my things into my new cubicle today, and was given my work schedule and a quick impromptu tour of the place, which must have been sufficient to get the servos clicking and whirring in my slumbering brain because here I type, in the truly darkest watches of the night, all adrenalined up and nowhere to go.

That 8:30 am meeting is gonna suck. On the other hand, I suppose it'll give my new colleagues a fair impression of the level I'll be functioning at when I show up at school every morning.

Should've adhered to my magic formula of vodka imbibery before I went to sleep --- though I think the revised formula's hovering somewhere around five drinks now. Too late now. There will be eye bags, there will be yawning and there will be a nap after lunch.


At 12/30/2004 9:49 pm , Blogger Kay said...

Hah. I'm reminded of a pre-marital time when I imbibed half a small bottle of JD in desperation to get to sleep the night before a staff meeting. I think it was about 4am. When I woke up at 7am, I was still heavily dosed and I had to sit through that whole-day meeting with a horrid migraine, enduring puzzled looks by colleagues on why I smelled mysteriously like a bar. Ah, that was funny. Ow...

At 12/31/2004 5:44 am , Blogger Little Miss Drinkalot said...

Wine puts me to sleep.

Congratulations on the new job, happy new year!

At 12/31/2004 2:58 pm , Blogger NARDAC said...

Happy New Year, and good luck for your meeting (in all of 5 hours!!!...hahaha, at the same time you're freaking out, I'll be giggling like an idiot in some stupid loft party! Think of me...)

At 1/02/2005 9:31 am , Blogger Tym said...

Well, I made it through the meeting and had enough time in the afternoon for a nap to power me through New Year's Eve festivities. Nardac --- let me reassure you that there was no silly giggling on my part when midnight rang round in our timezone.

LMD --- thanks! Will need all the luck I can get with the new job :)


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