I don't talk politics much on this blog, but I've very much got it on the brain, perhaps more so than I realise. Why else would I have dreamed of nothing but CNN election updates last night, in ominous, amorphous, flickering form, a Technicolor tease ---

--- That started me awake at 3:05 am. My first thought: Is it too early to check election coverage? (Of course it was.) Second thought: Why isn't Terz in bed? (The usual reason --- late-night 'live' soccer telecast.) Third thought: Since the TV's on, should I check CNN? (No, you doofus, it's too damn early.) It was hard to go back to sleep after that.

Getting up proper later this morning, I reeled from hodpodge visions of voters, talking heads, pundits --- faceless all. In the shower, I usually think about what to wear to work, but since I don't have a black hoodie, my train of thought stalled on general election mishmash once more. When I finally flicked on the TV, CNN and BBC were talking about record voter turnout, but it was still anybody's game.

We hang in the balance.


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