Ain't that a kick in the head

It is maddening to go to bed early like a good girl to rest up for work, only to have an adrenaline-pumped mind keep me up for another two hours. I was grumpy by the time I finally fell off to sleep, and grumpier still when the alarm sounded in the morning.

Of course, all that was nothing compared to the misfortune of stumbling across a Westlife video for their new "jazz" album. Who knew that MTV held such perils, early in the morning? Contrary to the press release's claim that the group's "immaculately tailored suits and their hair smoothed back" are authentic to the Rat Pack era that inspired this travesty, let me assure the viewing public that jazz never sounded as slimy or flat as when these four boys thought that simply building a pretty set would be enough to approximate an era. They forgot that all it takes is one of their "soulful" hand gestures wafting past a mike to shatter the (really bad) illusion --- and trust me, those boys cannot break themselves of the habit of the waffly hand gesture.


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