Kay's already blogged about our kickfit class last night; I'll merely add that there's nothing like a little kickboxing to bring back memories of karate class. I took classes for about three years as a teenager, and on hindsight, those were probably the most athletic years of my life. Since I have zero actual kickboxing training, whenever the instructor last night demonstrated a position, I automatically approximated the karate stance-equivalent of what he was doing. It's funny how the body never forgets these things. It's also horrifying how inflexible my body is, twelve years on. I can't sink effortlessly into those ninety-degree stances like I used to.

I've started posting entries from my old, pre-Blogger blog. So far, rolling back through August and September 2001, I've discovered that some things never change: we still spend too much money, watch the same TV shows and eat at the same places. On the other hand, we no longer have a car, I no longer write long, diary-style entries, and the sky isn't falling (at the moment). To think it's been just three years.

More entries to come, as I find the time to transfer them.


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