News from the work front

So it turns out that my work phone line was magically disconnected when they did some moving around the office on Wednesday, and while people who call me hear the phone ringing, I hear blissfully nothing. Either the ringer is broke or I'm not plugged into my work line anymore. I can dial out, though --- which is all that matters, right?

My time of departure from work this week has been irrationally punctual. However, today I'll pay the full price for that luxury: I have a meeting that starts at 5 pm and is likely to go on for --- well, let's just say that I told T not to wait for me to order the pizza we're having tonight.

The bosses are slowly recalling that I am back at work and ready to be utilised to the max. Fortunately, nothing truly egregious has fallen into my lap as yet. (I know I just jinxed it by blogging this, but what the hell --- it was going to happen anyway.)

Meanwhile, at lunch, I ate double what Wahj ate, which makes me wonder how long it'll take for my appetite to settle back into non-North American-oversized portions.


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