What you missed

While I wasn't blogging, I was:

|+| Hitting the legendary three-oh. I now feel even more unaccomplished than I did when I was in my late twenties.

|+| Enjoying W's colourful pornographic Shakespeare movie titles, puzzling over why Pericles had been left out of the stage backdrop, and equal parts giggly and aggrieved by the fact that we four were the only ones at that particular Reduced Shakespeare Company performance that had seen The Princess Bride.

|+| Playing groupie to T's photo exhibition.

|+| Getting into the habit of eating breakfast again. My mother would be so proud. (Okay, she is proud. I told her yesterday.) It started with a craving for strawberry jam. So as not to waste the jam, I bought more bread. So as not to get bored with the bread, I bought kaya. The next thing I knew, I had Nutella lined up next to the jam and the kaya, and there's still space on the fridge shelf for more breakfast spreads. I might get crazy and enlist some peanut butter next.

|+| Updating my resume so as to plot my way towards 2005. I was way out of practice with that.

|+| Planning a trip to the Pacific Northwest. Mmmm ... mountains ...


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