My Sunday

2:50:38 PM
It's a Sunday and I'm at work. The worst part? There are four of us here at work.

On a Sunday. After Valentine's Day (not that I celebrate it, but I understand that some people do). Before a Monday, where there will be a new torrent of work.

And they wonder why I don't want to stay on for another year...

I suppose this is the part where my life remotely resembles the kind of schedule they keep on the (fictional!!) The West Wing. However, the important difference is that those West Wing folks know they've only got four, or now eight, years on the job to achieve something. We four Monkey Minions here? Nothing like that, and certainly no Jed Bartlet at our helm.

And we're still here.

Okay, now to actually do some work while I'm here...

3:13:44 PM
And now there are five, five of us at work on a Sunday. That's half the people in my department, and it's not like we're gearing up for a major event tomorrow or anything time-sensitive like that.

The next time you need evidence that crazy Asian people work too hard, come look me up. Plenty of evidence in my corner of the working world.

6:55:57 PM
Must ... stop ... reading about Harry Potter ... and ... write ... speech ...

(Not to be confused with reading Harry Potter itself, which I will most certainly pick up again on the train home from work --- once I finish this speech, dammit.)

7:59:28 PM
I'm leaving now. I'll be back here in 13 hours. Bah.

On the bright side, I wasn't alone and we three who are left are now going for dinner. Misery lurves company!

Edited to add:
I merged all four posts into one because I think it reads better that way --- which maybe undermines the whole point of blogging, but whatever.


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