Catching up

... as opposed to catching the cold that is circulating among my colleagues like a vengeful wraith.

So far, there is much work, the usual administrative disorganisation --- perhaps even more than usual, with the forthcoming personnel changes --- and insufficient time for lunch or, really, anything other than work.

On the home front, we have new furniture! So our DVDs no longer live on the floor, our fantasy books have relocated from the computer/book room to the living room (since they're the most frequently reread anyway), and T's motorcycle boots can finally reside in a cupboard instead of collecting dust on the floor.

We actually ordered the furniture last year, after Xmas, but we couldn't get it till this week because one of the pieces were out of stock. It's from Picket and Rail, which means that the wood is darker than the average Ikea and hopefully stronger too.

Off to bacon and eggs. We did a wee bit of grocery shopping yesterday, after I cajoled T to walk with me from Chinatown to City Hall. Unfortunately, that also means our groceries cost more than they should. Maybe I'll hit NTUC (the local 'budget' supermarket) in the afternoon to atone for that. I'm just sick of eating at the coffeeshop downstairs all the time.


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