I've just had lunch. No, the time this post was logged is not wrong; it really is closing to 3:30 pm and I've just finished lunch.

Lunch was chicken mayonnaise on toast, two cream puffs (offered in lieu of potato crisps, so I went for it because the crisps aren't very nice) and a strawberry milkshake.

Total amount of fat consumed: More than I need for the week.

Do I care? Yes, mews the inner me, the real me, that keeps hoping there is a way out of this tunnel.

WHATEVER, crows the outstressed, outwitted and generally out-of-sorts rest-of-me.

On the bright side (there always has to be one, right, even if it's just phosphorescent pinpricks on the tunnel ceiling), I learned that Baywatch is shown on TCS 5 on Wednesday afternoons, and there's nothing that derails your train of thought faster than seeing a very young David Hasselhoff --- okay, not as young as his Knight Rider days, but Hobie was still a kid in this episode --- poised on the side of a lifeguard rescue boat that's whizzing dramatically across the ocean.


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