First day back

Complete unwillingness to wake up when the alarm rang, even though I wasn't short of sleep --- check.

Sighting of cat that lives by the MRT station, on my way to said station --- check.

Half a day to clear three weeks' worth of email --- check.

Almost every colleague, including my boss, asking if I ate chicken in Vietnam --- check.

An hour after work to finish something that wasn't urgent, but that needs to be done sooner or later, and will indeed improve my quality of life at work if I finish it soon --- check.

An acute cramp in my right foot as it finally protested having to wear heels for the first time after twenty-four days of flopping around in flats --- check.

Two soft meows, aimed at the MRT cat, to which it whipped its head around, then proceeded to ignore me --- check.

Maybe settling into ye olde work routine won't be so jarring to my system after all.

(Now that I've jinxed myself, stay tuned for tomorrow's episode: "When Work Is Hell".)


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