I need a happy post

This blog is so in need of a perky post, like the kind Sterrah absolutely excels at writing, but with the kind of week it's been, and the fact that I'm still stuck at work trying to heave writer's block out of the damn way so that I can finish the speech and go home, it's just NOT POSSIBLE.

I'm so bummed I'm ready to stop at Mac's on the way home for comfort food (the fries, not so much the flat burgers). And I was so grossed out by the whole idea of the film Super Size Me that I declared we would stop eating Mac's --- so you know how low I've sunk.

On the upside, T has been very sweet about reheating dinners for me (seeing as I've been getting home several hours after normal people eat their dinner). Go him!

While that's a sparkly silver lining to my utterly crappy week, I must now return to plod on with the speech, lest I truly find myself spending the night in the office. *growl*


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