So among the many thoughts that floated past my mind as I dozed in bed this morning, I was thinking about whether we should take up yoga lessons, and then I thought that could effect quite a drastic change in our lifestyle, and maybe I wouldn't spend so much time at work, like one of my colleagues who now tends to pop off earlier than he used to because he's got a girlfriend, and then I thought maybe we work too hard, and you know, who's the better fictional stereotype of working too hard than certain West Wing employees (specifically, Sam Seaborn came to mind) --- and then my eyes darted open in shock:

I forgot to tape The West Wing last night!

Which just goes to show that if you know you'll be celebrating your spouse's birthday with too much food and plenty wine and certainly lots of good company and fun, then you really should set the VCR for your favouritest programme in the world before you go out for the day, and not rely on your wine-addled brain to remember such vital details when you get home just before midnight.

Edited to add:
I'm not working today!!!


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