The water test

I wonder if I'm feeling colder at work these few days because I've been drinking cold water instead of the mix of hot-cold that I used to fill up on. The thing with hot (boiled) water is that it has this taste that brings me right back to the room temperature water I used to get at my grandparents' place. It's still water, but it's not crisp and refreshing like ice-cold water. So maybe I used to feel more sleepy at work, but now I just get chilled to the bone and type faster, more furiously, to try to keep the circulation going.

When I moved back from the US six years ago, all I drank was ice-cold water (with ice cubes) and iced Milo and iced coffee and iced everything. When Starbucks and The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf first opened here that year, all I had were their iced coffees, even though they cost more and didn't taste as good as their hot ones. It was a good few months (at least six?) before hot drinks and hot soup made their way back into my regular diet. My mom thought I was faintly insane, but she didn't mind as long as I refilled the ice cube trays.

The strange thing is that no matter how faithfully I fill my mug and drink water all day at work and at home, I still never quite come close to the 2 litres/8 glasses a day that an adult is supposed to have. Maybe I should down like half a litre at home before I leave for work; that'll make up what I'm missing.


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