Birthday Weekend

Today is my cousin Dan's birthday. Happy non-30th birthday! We celebrated it on Friday with chocolate banana cake and other food that's psychologically satisfying but, nutritionally speaking, not very good for you. We had no space after cake for the gelati, and forgot about the white wine T bought for the occasion, and there was entirely too much attention paid to the Fear Factor Playmates special --- but other than that, it was a neat birthday party.

Tomorrow is T's birthday. Instead of having a birthday do at home like Dan (primarily because that would require us to actually cleam up the place), we're meeting people at the Sixth Avenue restaurant Brazil for what promises to be an extended evening of overeating. We're mostly Chinese, you know? We take our eating and our celebrations very seriously.

Yesterday and today, I moved onto the couch and overdosed on The Two Towers trivia, i.e. I watched just about everything on the extended DVDs. Since I brought home the DVDs on Monday night, I've completed:

a) The extended cut itself;
b) The cast commentary over the extended cut (and again I protest, why no Viggo? He appears in the Appendices!);
c) The director/writers commentary over the extended cut; and
d) The entire Appendices, except for the still images and audio clips.

Whew! I'm going to give it a rest for now. Don't want to watch too much of TTT before we watch the marathon on Dec 17, plus I think T's pretty sick of hearing the TTT soundtrack (it's in most of the Appendices as background music). Of course, I could always switch over to watching the extended Fellowship for a bit...


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