A dim sum-moning

We had dim sum at this old-fashioned coffeeshop at Geylang last night. Good food, decent prices, yummy barley, and best of all, the right atmosphere: a huge fish tank with two huge fish pottering about, the right smell of old but clean airconditioned coffeeshop, just a handful of tables and lots of stools to push from table to table.

It gave me a hankering for Yuet Con, the Hainanese place along Purvis Street that we used to go to a lot as a child. Yuet Con's smell will always be the classic coffeeshop smell to me.

I just got off work. Well, I didn't have to go to the office on a Sunday, but I did have to traipse around Aljunied-Kembangan GRC with my Minister on his first walkabout (which I insist should be a bus-about, since we took buses from stop to stop). Now I'm home, the work emails have been sent and I'm going back to bed.


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