It is profoundly depressing to wake up in the middle of a Sunday night, to realise that you just had a vivid dream in which you remembered something urgent that you had to do at work on Monday, and that you went ahead and started thinking through the work in your dream, even though your dream-self knew that none of that vague work-related gibberish could possibly be of any use to you in actually doing the work come Monday morning, and finally that when you were startled into consciousness on Monday morning before the alarm clock went off, you knew there was no point thinking about Monday's work so you went ahead to think about the film shoot you have lined up for Wednesday instead.

Now that I'm at work, of course I don't want to do the urgent thing I have to do.

My stomach was funny all weekend. At first I thought it was gastric, but I think it's evolved into some more drawn-out form of discomfort. And my head hurts from time to time.

Standing in my shower this morning, I was thinking I could really use a few days off work, but since I'm saving up to take some time off around the Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King premiere, I'm going to have to last for another month till then.


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