Overdosing on POTUS

I found out during my internet wanderings last night that our National Library actually has copies of various portraits of the Clinton White House available for loan, so I popped down to two separate branches this afternoon to pick up POTUS Speaks and The Clinton Wars. Yes, I had to go to two separate branches because apparently, there's some undeclared rule about having too many Clinton histories in the same place. Did I mention that the only other libraries that have copies of these books are the far-flung community libraries out in Sengkang, Woodlands and the like?

While I'm on the subject of our National Library organisation, did I mention how most of the really excellent books I want to read (e.g. Naomi Klein's Fences and Windows and Garry Wills's John Wayne's America) are all found in the reference section only? Heaven forbid that people should actually check out well-written books with revolutionary ideas that might make people look at history or the present in a radically different manner!

Of course, I sent in my "feedback" on the above outrage immediately. We'll see what kind of polite reply I get. And people wonder why no one goes to the library to do any serious reading/borrowing anymore.

That reminds me: I forgot to look up Dancing Barefoot. And now the library catalogue's down for maintenance. Bah.

The first episode of Everwood was on TV tonight (it replaces Gilmore Girls). The premise doesn't sound very exciting (sad widower moves with sad children to Everwood, Colorado so he can do good and heal all the happy townsfolk without charging them a cent), but Gregory Smith, who plays the older of the sad children, is the very spitting image of a young Mark Harmon. And Mark Harmon, as we all know, has been very delectable for a couple of decades now. Damn you, Sorkin, for killing his character off before he got to smooch CJ properly! I don't know yet if I'll commit to Everwood on the strength of Smith alone, since I'm getting towards that age when lusting after teenage actors could be misconstrued as improper and de-moral-ising. On the other hand, I just read that Smith is actually 19 (he plays a 14-/15-year old).

It's funny how sticking 2/3 of an unfinished pizza in the fridge can make even the freezer smell of pizza. (Don't worry, the pizza's all gone now. I ate nothing but pizza for three meals straight this weekend.)


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