Down and out

My website is down. My friend's DSL got hit by something wicked (namely, the telco that provided the service), so it might be a week or so before toomanythoughts.org is back up. Meanwhile, I'll impose on Blogspot's free hosting service.

It's been a busy week, mostly because it was Sam's last week in town. We had a family photo plus dinner on Sunday, then we had dinner at the Bs' on Monday, followed by drinks on Tuesday, and tonight she's flown home. Well, technically she's still puttering around in Changi Airport right now, but she'll be off in a few hours. Tuesday was, conceivably, the latest I've been out on a work night before. By the time we headed out to join Sam and Kelvin for drinks, it was well past 11 pm. It was well on its way to 2 am when I got home. On the other hand, driving has never been easier and Union is a pretty neat bar.

Work has been relatively pleasant. The big boss took these two days off, another middle boss took the week off and the last remaining boss-type fell ill. Of course, it meant that us junior types were holding the fort, but fortunately we didn't have 10,000 Uruk-Hai bearing down on Helm's Deep or anything.

[Please excuse the Lord of the Rings jargon. We were enjoying The Two Towers these past few days and must now somehow find a way to pass the time till the Extended DVD of that movie is released in November. I might have to hunt down Fellowship from the friend it's with so that I can indulge. Of course, there's always the Secret LotR Diaries to pass the time.]

Before I go to bed (early, yes, but last night's 2 am splurge wiped me out), I just wanted to state for the record that we cleaned our living room and dining room. Yes, cleaned. I think we should take photos so that we have evidence for all you skeptics out there, my mother included.


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