Aloha. I realize I have been sorely amiss in updating this journal for the past week, but I will freely blame the holiday season for this. I could blame a number of other things going on in my life, but I won't. I don't think I've got the energy to relive the past week in this journal, either. So you will have to be happy with the fact that since I last wrote in this journal, I have eaten a lot, drunk a lot (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), and spent many nights staying up past my usual bedtime. The important thing, however, is that I can still fit into size 2 clothes, as proven when I went prowling at Parkway Parade today and discovered that size 4s and size 6s just Would Not Do.

Tomorrow, I start my new job. I've been okay not-thinking about it all day, but now that there's just a little while more before I go to bed, and then when I wake up I will have to think about what to wear, which entails thinking about what first impression I want to leave on my new colleagues --- okay, not first impression, strictly speaking, since I already met them at the workplan retreat in December --- and then I have to get dressed and go to work with the rest of the office crowd at 8ish (and my, this is a long sentence), I am getting a little tingly in my stomach thinking about it. Good-tingly and bad-tingly. I always get tingly before a new school term (whether I'm the student or the teacher) and now I'm tingly before the new job. I hope I can sleep properly.

Today's suit-shopping was for the new job. I've been told I need about two suits to start things off and I currently own just one. Unfortunately, although everyone was having fabulous sales today, I didn't buy anything. G2000 didn't have my size for the colors I wanted, Mango had my size but the suit wound up looking way too hip for the office, and GG5 had a cool jacket but no pants to match it and the skirt that matched it looked god-awful. Leaving me with no suit, as yet. It's gonna be a pantsuit, since my existing one is a skirt-suit. If you care.

Today, I also completed that proofreading job, which is a real relief because at first I thought I had until the 8th to do it, then I found out they would like it done by the 5th, so in typical Yu-Mei fashion I've crammed my work and finished it ahead of time. It's just as well, since I've gotten it out of the way before my 'real' job starts.

I really have nothing else to report at this point, or nothing that I have the energy to write about, so I'll stop here. I could make a New Year's Resolution about writing more regularly, no matter how tired or crappy I feel, but my resolutions never work out, so I'm safer just leaving things the way they are. Happy New Year, everybody!


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