Tonight has been a good night for positive family encounters. First there was the mom and daughter on the train --- they really have a good rapport. I thought relationships like that didn't exist anymore, except on Gilmore Girls (although neither mother and daughter on the train were speaking half as fast as those Gilmores). On the walk from the train station back home, I crossed an open air parking lot, and there was a family playing badminton there. It was pretty odd, 'cause the street lighting wasn't very good and I'm not sure they could see the shuttlecock at certain angles, but it was Dad vs. Mom & Son, and it was all very homely and we-love-each-other-and-are-getting-along and it didn't seem to bother them that it was 10:15 pm and perhaps past the kid's bedtime. It made me smile.

And then I reach home, and I have five friends and my husband watching the end of The Usual Suspects. He cooked for them earlier and I get to eat leftover potato salad, since my stomach's been weird all day and I don't particularly want anything heavier/tastier. However, I also cannot watch Survivor (good thing the cable channel AXN is rerunning it like three times a week after the Friday night telecast), so I'm going to upload this, so you all know I'm doing okay and haven't forgotten about this journal, and now I will go eat strudel with them.


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