A T-shirt that reads, "Topless Jogger". Think about it.

The words were emblazoned across the back of the T-shirt, which isn't as funny as if they were on the front, but still. The woman wearing it didn't look remotely like she'd be a topless jogger either. When I passed her and glanced backwards briefly, I saw that the words were repeated --- but smaller --- on the front of the shirt, over a small logo like the logo for a charity walk/run (or maybe it was the 'jogger' part of the message that made me think that). I still couldn't figure out why she was wearing it.

* * *

Children have amused me a lot lately. Over the past two days, I've seen boys from the neighborhood in the longkang (storm drain) by the Kembangan MRT station, looking for fish --- not the safest pastime, perhaps, and I always imagine a torrent of storm runoff washing them away even though that's impossible here, but it's a rare sight, reminiscent of kampong life, right here in urban Singapore. After I overtook today's non-topless non-jogging Topless Jogger, I spied a boy happily gouging a niche out of a tree; I worried for a moment that he was killing the tree, but heck. Trees are a dime a dozen here, but you don't see kids climbing tree, ever (there's probably a law against it), and I really don't think he's a budding juvenile delinquent, just a curious kid.

And now there's a group of six or seven deaf kids on the train --- about thirteen years old, maybe? The really sad thing is that they're the most multiracial group of kids their age I've seen, ever, and it's probably their disability that draws them together, beyond the cultural barrier.


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