Sadly, I have to again.

So I'm on the bus from the university campus to the train station and I realize that the woman sitting in front of me is picking God-knows-what out of her shoulder-length hair! I thought at first she was just ruffling it the way long-haired people do when it's been a long day and their hair's somewhat tangly, but after a few moments' of intent scrutiny, she couldn't have been doing anything but picking dandruff or whatever crap it was off her scalp. In public. For the entire ten-minute bus ride. YUCK.

I was so disgusted that I had to SMS a friend to vent immediately. My friend reminded me that I was lucky no wind was blowing the dross my way. I was still pretty freaked at my proximity to her germs.

And then, it turns out she's taking my train! While waiting for it, she sat down on the bench next to mine. Again I feared for the health of my hair, because Dandruff Woman started picking away immediately, again under the guise of riffling through her hair. Note: Dandruff Woman is in her thirties and dressed for a white-collar job (though sans jacket). I don't really know that I expect anyone these days to pick stuff from their hair, in public or in private, so I don't know if that matters.

Anyway, now she's in the same carriage of the same train. I let her board first, so there was no chance of her sitting beside me. I can't see her, so I don't know if she's still at it.

On the bright side, I happen to be sitting beside a secondary schoolgirl (CHIJ, for you curious minds that want to know) and her mom, and the girl was at my school's open house today. It's funny listening to her tell her mom all about it. She just pointed at the face of my student and said she looks old. She was complaining about how run-down the school facilities are, which is what kids said when I enrolled as a student 10 years ago. But she seems to have had a good time there. I shan't stun them by introducing myself as a teacher of the institution they're discussing. They've got a good rhythm going.


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