Oh ya, the (Singapore) Writers Festival

Yesterday, Agagooga asked if my Twitter account was dead. I said with a wail, No, I've just been sooooo busy...

Things coming up that are not related to the Singapore Writers Festival:
  • "50 Years of Television: An Exhibition", which I've been busy co-curating and which will open at the National Museum of Singapore in late November. We put out an open call for family photographs taken (intentionally or not) with the TV set --- there's still time to send in something if you have one.
  • The deadline for the next draft of my novel to the National Arts Council.
  • And the Singapore Biennale has already started, but part of the reason I was so busy in October, was that I was copyediting a ton of text for its publications.
Things coming up that are part of the Singapore Writers Festival:
Also hatching plots and plans for work and writing next year. Stay tuned.

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