Dealing with stuff

The second half of October is going by in a flash. Without going into too many personal details, a family member had to be hospitalised and I've been running around to make care arrangements and figure out some of the nitty-gritty of Singapore's healthcare system. Thank you, extended family and friends, for all your encouragement and advice!

There is plenty of positive in the midst of it all: The condition is not critical or life-threatening. The cost of the medical care required is not that egregiously high in this case, once the Singapore citizen subsidy and Medisave kicks in. And I have to put on record that the doctors, nurses and staff at Alexandra Hospital were fabulous, returning phone calls (and smiles) and making connections between various parts of the healthcare system to make things happen. I think the fact that you can have a fresh red apple and a blanket while waiting in the hospital's accident and emergency area (because the air-conditioning is pretty cold, to keep germs away, I think?) is a nice boon, and even the staff at the 24-hour convenience store Cheers were obliging and friendly.

I'm not the first among the friends my age to have to deal with this kind of situation, but it never really hits home till it hits home, if you know what I mean.


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