And now it has been discussed

What I learned from Channel NewsAsia's report on prime minister Lee Hsien Loong's speech at the Singapore Symposium in New Delhi, "PM Lee highlights wild boars, graffiti on need to be 'messy selectively'" (the speech transcript isn't available yet at the government's SG Press Centre website):

1. Lee said, "I would become messy selectively. There are some areas where you must accept that you cannot do things in a linear or hierarchical way."

In other words: We have a hierarchy of what can be done in a hierarchical way, and what cannot.

2. With respect to the government's ongoing deliberations about how to manage wild boars in our nature reserves, the prime minister said, "In the old days, we would have just said solve the problem and tomorrow they would be literally gone. But now it has been discussed."

I smell a new catchphrase for pacifying the masses: "But now it has been discussed!"

This is what happens when things are discussed: "But we have to go through this discussion and engagement, and explanation and in the end, it takes longer but it will be done."

Same conclusion, just that it takes longer and "it will be done." [emphasis mine]

Lee said, "We invite graffiti artists, by invitation, to perform on designated walls -- with permission. But if you decide to freelance, extra, I'd better do an investigation on how it came about. We want to do this in a controlled way. If the Pandora box is open, then we can't put the demons back."

Artists and others who push the boundaries of freedom of expression are unleashing demonic forces.

Can't wait to read the full speech. And then it can be discussed!



At 7/13/2012 9:24 am , Blogger Benjamin Kong said...

and after it has been discussed, it will be done!


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