Christmasy goodness

My cousin also knits Christmas tree ornaments. Merry Christmas, everyone!

I caught up with Stellou and her husband today --- over a very non-French lunch of Japanese potato salad and beef stew at Workshop Isse --- and they asked me what I'd been up to since I got to Paris. "Eating and sleeping," I confessed. Besides cousin Nardac's home-cooked Christmas dinners (see exhibit A and exhibit B), there've also been Vietnamese pho and nem, and lunch at Mini Palais where I had a splendid suprême de volaille (who knew just chicken could taste that good). Last night my stomach threw in the towel, though, so it's been light meals and no coffee since.

Tomorrow we're off to the Black Forest in Germany for the New Year's. The place we're staying at has no internet access, so this'll probably be my last blog entry for the year. See you in 2011!

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