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Off to Paris for a few days to visit the cousin. Because I'm in the middle of the term at university, the run-up to departure is just like trying to take a vacation from work: lots of pre-trip scrambling to get work settled before I leave (both schoolwork and some small freelance work assignments), and little thought as to what I'm actually going to do when I get there.

I was talking to several people in my course yesterday about mid-term brain/idea fatigue, and I think nothing would please me more than to sit in Paris cafes for the next three days and not do very much else. I will let my cousin feed me, of course. Nardac is a fabulous cook.

Meanwhile: students are protesting again (woo!) and I hope none of my friends get arrested --- not because they are the type to deliberately do something that would get them arrested, but because these things get messy sometimes.

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