Observations while sitting on "sunflower seeds"

Ai Wei Wei's Sunflower Seeds at the Tate Modern, to be precise.

What I tweeted over about 25 minutes, in chronological order:
  • Crunch, crunch, crunch go the "sunflower seeds" underfoot. It feels totally wanton and destructive, even tho each seed seems pretty sturdy.
  • The left hand that's been scooping "seeds" is grey. Which makes me wonder about my jeans (I'm sitting cross-legged on the seeds).
  • Scruish, scruish, scruish it goes as people trudge by. Beach-like, but oh so grey.
  • Not sure if it's my imagination, but the air in here seems greyed by dust particles - not unlike the air around industrial cities, perhaps.
  • Poof goes a small cloud of dust as a group of schoolkids in black uniforms gets up to leave.
  • Enough grey dust for today. I'm sure I'll come back to "interact" with the "seeds" soon.
The only thing I didn't mention was that a couple and their newish-on-his-feet grandchild sat down near me, and the toddler was perfectly happy to scoop fistfuls of the "seeds" and pour them into my hands, then knock the seeds out till my hands were empty. I kept trying to pour the seeds back into his hands, but he didn't seem to quite understand the point of reciprocity.

As I left, two girls were theatrically flinging seeds into the air.



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