The future is now

Just in case I drift offline for a while, here's a little rundown of what I'll be busy with:

I move to the rented flat this coming week. The week after, I have to register and stuff at Goldsmiths. The week after that, classes start. And the week after that, two friends will be in London on vacation and have already asked if I want to go and see Yes, Prime Minister at the Gielgud with them.

I should tell you to just look for me on Twitter, but I think because I'm new in town and tend to do things with company, I have fewer opportunities to detach myself from the moment and tweet about what I'm doing.

I told myself (and one friend) before I got here that I would try and write regular and properly formed columns/dispatches during the year I was away, a sort of "Notes and Observations from Afar" sorta thing --- if only to discipline myself to write something in the reportage/commentary style that I'd like to cultivate. Now that I'm coming up to the two-week mark, perhaps I should get cracking.



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